Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Back! - Blog and Morels Come to life in February

Usually I would try to not be thinking about mushrooms right now, but it is tough with all the nice weather. Scarlet cups that over-wintered due to the mild weather are getting as big as 2 inches. Also rattlesnake ferns are popping up in the warmer places.

But this week was the kicker. People down south started finding morels. First in Alabama last week and now Georgia is on the map. And these are yellows they are finding, not the earlier black morels. This is earlier than I have ever seen the deep south come to life in all my years of hunting. Southern Texas has come on about this time, but not these states. By the way, Texas has yet to happen, probably due to the record dry spell they are still going through.

They are on the march and it will be March when they show up here, unless some crazy cold spell comes in and returns all to normal. Mark my words, if you are late this year, you will miss out.

The photo is the first Georgian report, coming in from a former Missourian, Camoshroomer brother, who got transplanted down there.

Here is one more.