Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It's About Time!

I think those three words sum it up best for most.

I know first and foremost many of you are thinking it's about time I put up a new post. I'll try and get back in the habit of more routine posting though the posts may be shorter.

For those MO morel hunters, it's a demand not a statement. We are all saying it's about time for the dang mushrooms to show up.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that I have seen one in Mid-MO yet but reports are getting more numerous and the trends are in order.

This photo is from near Branson back on April 3. I usually find my first in our area about a week later, or TOMORROW. Let's hope it is so.

And the yellows are in Oklahoma and marching North. Hopefully soon, I will be picking yellows like these found over the weekend by Mitch, a crazy morel marauder, who travels more miles and picks more mushrooms than most folks I know. What a mouthwatering photo. Makes me itch for the woods. 

And for those sick of winter and already thinking of other mushrooms, my Mom's cousin, Ben, who lives near Monroe, Louisiana found this gorgeous chicken growing under an oak along the path to his vegetable garden. What an awesome treat from mother nature. With all the rain around here, I wouldn't be surprised if someone found one or two chickens while morel hunting this season.