Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hens have returned

After a very LONG and HOT DRY summer, fall is finally here and the hens have started to show on just a couple of trees.


I found these on Tuesday and only ended up picking the big one. It was about 4 pounds. Hopefully the rest will be a good size by the weekend.

Now that the woods are alive, I am hoping that the blog will come back to life too. So keep an eye out for more entries to come before the mushrooms return underground for winter.


Anonymous said...

Lobsters are out, too. Check under pines in the next few weeks, or mixed pine and oaks.

Feral Boy

mrogers07 said...

Nice going!

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Tom Coatney said...

I found an ass load of Hens around Oct. 31.... So many I quit looking around when I walked thru the woodz.... #Ozarks :)

keepnreal said...

Your video is so crappy I can't tell what a"hen" looks like. Get a camera or a decent smartphone. Sorry but I would have liked to see a watchable video.