Saturday, July 05, 2008

Anyone up for a Foray?

Well early scouting trips have begun to turn up some nice edibles in good numbers. In the past week I have found several edible lactarius, common yellow chanterelles, cinnabar red chanterells, and even a pound of black trumpets, also known as the horn of plenty. Been a few sighting of oysters and a lot of chicken are starting to roost. So I was thinking it maybe a good time to have a local foray for anyone who may be interested in learning more on how to properly identify some of these easy targets.

My schedule this week allows for a few options - Thursday (7/10) and Sunday (7/13) If you are available and interested in either of these dates contact me through the report a mushroom find link on the right side of the page near the top. Let me know which day you could go and general times when you are available to hunt those days. I will also email a few of you who had expressed an earlier interest.

Here are a few photos to get you in the mood:

Boone County black trumpets - found these at Three Creeks Conservation Area. Very fresh and in perfect shape. Most were just starting out and much smaller (photo by Jon Rapp)

Here is what I mean, there were a lot of tiny ones starting out. These were about the size of a match head. You have to be quick to get trumpets as they usually grow and dry up within 5 to 7 days. One of the most ephemeral of the summer edibles. (Three Creeks Conservation Area photo by Jon Rapp)

Here is a nice young, fresh chicken that was encountered and photographed by some friends of mine. They were nice enough to take a photo and share it with me. I found about a pound of chicken last week, but it was pouring rain so I could not take any photos. This one, like most I find around Mid-MO was the white-pored variety and was growing from buried wood. I have yet to find the yellow-pored species this year. I usually find it growing above ground off dead an living trees.


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More accurate? Please provide any corrections. I am by no means an expert and their are a lot of opinions about edibles mushrooms. I would be happy to hear any "corrections" you may have.