Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time to Get Back Out There...

Well, if you have stayed away from the woods, like I have the last few weeks, now is prime time to get back out there. The recent rains have a flourish of mushrooms flushing from summer varieties to the start of the fall ones. I haven't found any honies or hens yet, but they are sure to be a week or so away, especially with all the rain in the forecast due to hurricane Ike.

I did manage to get away and walk some local woods at lunch the last two days. Found corals, indigo milkies, some blue-green clitocybe, black trumpets, chants of all types and sizes, and one of my favorites, sweet tooth or hedgehog mushrooms. They are one of my favorites and I have never found them in much quantity, so it was a pleasent surprise to stumble across some nice size patches. I will definately be checking these areas again next year.

What was great and this really highlights the benefits of hunting summer and fall mushrooms versus the elusive morel, is that these were right off the trail and only minutes from the parking lot. In spring with all the morel hunters you'd have to be first to pick these areas, but in summer you can take your time because the competition is non-existent and there are plenty of shrooms for all. So get out there and keep your eyes open for some tasty finds.

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