Monday, August 31, 2009

Mushrooms 101: Fall Mushroom Class

That's right, if you have ever said you wanted to learn more about mushrooms, now might be your chance. Somehow, Jon and I talked the local staff at Rock Bridge State Park into allowing us to make an attempt to pass some of the fungal information in our brains on to any crazy person who manages to show up. So, come September 26, if you would like to hear Jon and I ramble on about mushrooms and our adventures, please feel free to register early and often. Seriously though,if you are interested, register now because space is limited. As in mushroom hunting the program is rain or shine, so if you plan to attend the afternoon hunt, please dress appropriately for the weather.

Here is all of the info:
Mushrooms in Mid-Missouri - Let's Have Some Fun with Fungi
Saturday, Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.
Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
Program is free, but space is limited. Reservations are required. Call 449-7400.
Recommended ages: 12 to adult.
Program description: There are hundreds of different kinds of mushrooms growing right here in Mid-Missouri. Come together with others interested in this fascinating world of fungi for a day of learning and discovery. From 10 am to Noon take in a colorful presentation of photographs which will help you learn to identify some of the many different types of mushrooms, as well as edible and poisonous ones. At 1 p.m. we will host an optional short hike where you will find some mushrooms, then bring them back for identification and discussion.

Hope to see you there.


Anthony said...

Just moved from southeast GA to Columbia. Looking forward to the Mushroom Program at Rockbridge; can't wait to learn about MO mushrooms.

Michael said...

Looks to be a fun class! I wish I could come.

Vicki said...

hope to get to come. I saw the biggest chicken of the woods at Rock Bridge two years ago that I have ever seen.

Stephanie Rapp said...

I am on the staff of MyMissourian and was wondering if you'd be interested in sending us a short info piece on this class! If so, email me your submission at Thanks!

C S said...

9/23 waited to long---full
Hunt mushrooms in the rain??

ahistory said...

Sorry to hear that C.S. We will try to do this again next summer and fall.
As for hunting in the rain, if the mushrooms don't care why should I. :)

ahistory said...

Oh yeah, and we had to limit the number who could attend in the morning because we had limited seating at the park office.

If you were unable to sign up, feel free to come for the afternoon foray. You'll miss out on some slides and other things we will discuss in the class, but I have always believed the best way to learn is to get out there in the woods.

Mike said...

So I went mushroom hunting today in Greensfelder county park southwest of St. Louis. I was harassed by a park ranger who told me it is unlawful to pick mushrooms on any state park or county park land. That sounded quite untrue to me, but I didn't argue with him. He said you could only gather mushrooms in conservation areas (or presumably private land). Does anyone have any information that speaks to this issue? Presumably if you've organized a mushrooming event at Rock Bridge State Park, either the ranger was WAY wrong or you're doing something illegal. Thoughts?

ahistory said...

Thanks for posting that Mike. It brings up a good point and it is quite possible that I am right and so is the ranger. Most state parks are either conservation land managed by the MO Dept of Conservation (MDC) or they are state parks managed by the MO Dept of Natural Resources (DNR). The rules vary depending on which one you are one.
The policy for state parks from DNR is that you may pick up to 2 gallons of mushrooms per area per day. You may also pick up to 1 gallon of fruits, nuts and berries per day. You can only pick for personal use. So what the ranger said about state park land was completely false. You can call DNR to verify that.
DNC on the other hand has a rule that you can pick mushrooms for personal use, but they do not have limits. However, you are prohibited from picking fruits, nuts, and berries on DNC managed land.
However, since Greensfelder is a county park, it may have its own rules that prohibit picking mushrooms. I do not hunt there so I am not familiar with their rules but you might want to call the county parks department just to confirm that.
All of this only highlights the importance of knowing the rules and picking responsibly.
I assure you that what we did today was completely legal. We even had a few park staff on hand and they mentioned the 2 gallons limit for Rock Bridge State Park.

Susanne said...

yes, please hold a class again next year! I didn't stumble across these blogs until now, Oct 30, and will check them from now on.

Sherry Kearns said...

I hope I can get in the class. I love mushrooms but I think some people are a bit stingy and get way more than they need. Leave a few for the novice. Will be my first time out this year if I can get in and I'm excited. Good luck to the people on their first try out. Everyone be safe.