Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Long Cool Spring

I know I normally hunt in Mid-MO this time of the year,  but the slow cool spring have kept the hills pretty quiet and I have found myself called to greener pastures for better bounty.  

The morels are lining up two by two to be picked on the plains of KS. It has been so dry there that many places haven't popped in several years.  The plentiful rain and cooler spring have set up for some amazing picking if you get in the right areas.

See if you can find all the morels hiding in this photo.  You may need to look close. 

Here are a few videos of some nice patches I came across on Monday.


Anonymous said...

So what is your take on the rest of the MidMO season?

ahistory said...

The Southern part of mid-mo hit its prime in the last two weeks with the hills only showing sporadic flushes. The bottoms hit as good as always but got picked out pretty quick due to the lateness of the season.

The Northern half looked to be about a week behind until we got these last hot days. I was hoping the Northern slopes would come on but fear soil temps may have risen too rapidly especially in the more exposed areas. .

Goin Shroomin said...

This season has been plentiful...the spots continue to produce...hopefully with the rain and cool weather the season will continue.
Any reports from the St Louis area?

Anonymous said...

I'm in Dallas county near buffalo. Is it to late and warm for them to be producing?

Divinebunbun said...

St. Louis area was no good for morels this year; lots of rain, and the devil's urns came up, but the earth did not warm to the 50-degree mark until after the first week of May.

Anonymous said...


Speak to us oh great fungi-whisperer! I've been coming to this blog daily for the past week hoping for some news. When do you think morels will begin to pop here in mid-mo?