Sunday, July 15, 2007

A few pics from this week.
Lots of mushrooms out right now but they are drying up in the heat if you aren't lucky enough to catch an afternoon thunderstorm. Here is a nice 3 pound chicken I found this week.

Here is a close up. This was a the white-pored variety.
This was the starting edge of a good patch of smooth chants. I picked about 150 from this patch alone. Some were over 6 inches across.

Here is an easily recognizable bolete, the Old Man of the Woods. This old one was hiding under an earthen shelf along a runoff creek. This is edible, though many stay away from this old hermit.

Here is a shot of some common yellow chanterelles. These were few and far between and often showed signs of drying out.
Here is a small coral mushroom starting out. Although there are some poisonous species none are known to grow in Missouri and many people enjoy eating these easily identifiable fungi.

Here is a cool earthstar. I do not see these much because you really have to be looking to see them I was lucky to stumble across this one while picking chanterelles.


McMonkey Mom said...

I love this blog. I am really enjoying all the pictures. It makes me much more aware when I am out. My dad used to take me morel hunting as a child but the rest of these are all new to me! Thanks for all the good information.

Alex said...

Hello, my name is Alex Lowe, the website manager for MyMissourian. I would like to reprint excerpts from your July 15 photo piece, as well as your comment about the impact of the dry summer on Missouri's mushrooms. This might also go to print as well.
Please write me back or call at your earliest convenience- Thanks!

Alex Lowe