Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No rain and fewer mushrooms

It has been a hot summer with little rain since the middle of July. Not too many mushrooms out there right now and it is far too hot for my taste to go hunting. Hopefully a good round of rain is on the way to get things sprouting again.


AFRetired said...

Just moved back to missouri after being away for close to 30 years. I remember hunting morels with my parents and would love to go hunting again as i miss those morels, also i need some tips and advice to refres my memory since the last time i hunted was when i was 10 years old

Sarah said...

Hi Stan,
As part of a class, I am the blogs reporter for MyMissourian. We just had some rain today, so I was wondering if you would be interested in elaborating on the effect of the rain/lack thereof on your hunt for morels and mushrooms for a MyMissourian post. Please let me know: Thanks so much!