Friday, February 22, 2008

Morel cabin fever...

As the days warm up, I start itching for the hunt so I decided to watch some morel hunting home videos over on YouTube. (a great thing to do by the way when you have the fever before the time is right) Anyway, I came across this quaint story from a St. Louis station about a Missouri morel hunting festival and contest they hold every year down in Louisiana MO. It's an amusing look at a first timers efforts in the contest and introduction to the sport.

Living St. Louis - Mushroom Hunting

They mention some hunter's etiquette such as pinching the bottoms and using mesh bags. Some hunters swear by these rules, but I have a different opinion. I will comment about this in my next entry. For now enjoy the video and think of the woods.

Here is another video I found of a short segment from the MO Department of Conservation showing you how to make a really tasty morel pepper foccacia. I think I am tempted to make it with some rehydrated morels, though I am sure it would be much better using fresh ones.

Morel Pepper Foccacia

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