Monday, March 24, 2008

Missouri Morel Reports

Reports of finds are trickling in from southern Missouri over the weekend. It's been cold but I guess the mushrooms don't know it because they are slowly marching north despite yesterday's flurries. Many people doubt these early reports because they are so early, but I tend to take them as truth. Morels are right on schedule for the southern and south central parts of the state.

In Mid-MO I have found my first morels on April 1 the last three years. In 2004, I found them on April 8, but I found a patch of 7 beer can sized yellows that same day. I know they had to be up a good week to get that big, so I reckon they were up by April 1 if not sooner that year as well.

So, it's time to be hitting your early areas and looking for places with good sun exposure because they tend to warm up first. Even if these early forays don't turn up any morels they are good for stretching the legs and getting ready for the long walks in the weeks ahead.


Anonymous said...

Where can you find them in SE missouri? I live in Poplar Bluff and when I was around 4 or 5 we would hunt them around the Oran area and find a lot at the Friend Cemetary but the cemetary has grown a lot since then, and I haven't been there since 2002. If you have any info, sure would be appreciated!

ahistory said...

I am not too familiar with that part of the state and it is getting a little late in the season for southern MO, but you still might find some. Poplar stands which only grow in that part of the state are known to produce both blacks and yellows. If you bone up on tree identification and head out to a local park, I'd bet you might turn something up. Also check elm, white ash and maples.