Monday, March 31, 2008

Who will be the first?

I thought I would have a little competition for bragging rights mainly, but lets see who among the readers of this tiny little blog are the first in the area to find a morel. Now I am not a stickler for rules, and generally take people at their word, but if you can take a picture of your find that would be much appreciated.

I wonder if anyone in Central MO will be able to beat me to the punch this year. I'd expect some of the folks down in Jefferson City or to the south may have an advantage as they usually show up there about a day before I find them around Columbia.

You can either post a comment about your find or email me with your picture and I will post them for you. Good luck and happy hunting.


CamoShroomer said...

I'm trying to be the first, but haven't tried high hills yet.
I am up to hunt and will mail you!
Also think I recognize that top picture of the reds.
Nice map!

ahistory said...

You have a good eye. Now that you mention it, I do believe that is one of the photos I took when you took me out hunting last year. Thanks again for showing me how to hunt them sapling forests.