Monday, June 14, 2010

Chanterelles - Up and Coming

Well as you can tell from my total lack of posts, I have been busy doing other things and have not been out hunting for fungal morsels just yet. Part of this is because of the hectic nature of my work and home life, but it is mainly because everything and the chanterelles especially, seem to be behind a little bit this season.
This certainly was the case at last weekend's foray in Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The last two year's the group had found between 150 to over 300 species, but this year we barely broke 50 and most was wood loving species which are still prevalent in dry weather.

Now I reckon things have picked up down there in the last 10 days as they have gotten a nice progression of rain, so I will probably check it out later this week.

In the meantime, many local hunters around Columbia have begun sending me reports of finding small buttons, so it will soon be on full force around Mid-MO if it isn't already. You can expect more posts and photos in the coming weeks. The photo above was taken by Michael R. of Fulton, who was out hunting today and, in addition to chanterelles, reported finding something that sounded an awful lot like a bolete that was a close relative to the King. Hopefully, I'll know more on that soon.

So if you have been waiting for chants you can start to satisfy your desires. They are small but the buttons are always the best (NO BUGS) and worth the extra effort to have them in hand.

Photo by Mycologista of Columbia


Mycologista said...

Hey! I DO have them in hand! That's MY hand!

Michael said...

That does appear to be your hand, I will agree!

So...when do we need to plan a massive chantie foray, guys?

ahistory said...

If the rain keeps up I would say things will be popping by the weekend of the 26th, though I bet you can pick a nice mess this weekend, unless you are up north.

Anthony said...

Wish I could be around Columbia for the Chants. The Ozark area has been bone dry where I'm at for almost 3 weeks. The few patches I was watching have all withered away. Happy picking!

Mycologista said...

Anthony, they're going to be around through the fall! All is well.