Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ha Ha Tonka Foray

OK so maybe this post is partially to prove CS (camoshroomer) wrong in his prediction, but more importantly, a great mushroom foray snuck up on me or I would have mentioned it before now.

If you want to find some trumpets and maybe even a few chants among other fungal things, do check out the Missouri Mycological Society Foray this weekend in Mid-MO at Ha-Ha-Tonka State Park near Camdenton. Lots of great fun, food, libations, and a great way to learn more about mushrooms for the more experienced folks. Find the group camping site and you will find us. Someone should be there from Friday afternoon through about Sunday mid-day. Most people clear off by then.

Hope to have some good photos of finds when I get back. Lots of nice rain this week, so something should be up and going. Hope to see you there. Happy hunting.


Michael said...

How did the foray go? Find a lot?

Anonymous said...

Not much there in quantity (we found 4 small chants!), but good variety of species -- pink fairy cups, Lactarius volemus, a few myxo's, and many others -- more than 50 in all.

GREAT food -- venison kebabs, sweet corn, slaw, watermelon, and lots of other things!

And ask ahistory how the water was :)

-- Feral Boy