Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Georgia Morels! BEWARE feverish video (watch at your own risk)

If this doesn't get you in the mood to get out there or set your morel fever soaring, I don't know what will. This is how Camoshroomer's brother tortures him from the great southern state of Georgia.

Camoshroomer's torture will not last long, as I hear he has booked a flight for Friday. So more videos to follow this weekend. I only wish I could join him, but soon enough they will be here. Things are setting up nice for a perfect season.


MissouriShroomMate said...

Yes ahistory, that does make one want to run into the woods! I have these flashes of all of my East/southeast facing slopes and wondering if it is time to head out! Thanks for posting!

Missouri ShroomMate!

Anonymous said...

TORTURE indeed!

But, take comfort that in about a month, month & a half, we'll be able to do the same thing to him -- because we'll still be finding them!!!

-- Feral Boy

CamoShroomer said...

I live in MO
Just visiting GA

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen it's just to cold... We need those overnight temps to be in the 60's or at least in the 50's. And looking at the 10 day forecast (Sedalia area) we're still going to see some 20's! I think we'll have a late season.