Sunday, March 04, 2012

Morel Video and First Report of "Reds"

As you find morels or signs, please feel free to send me a video sharing your excitement. Nothing like a good video to get the shroom hunting blood flowing.

Don't believe me? Watch this video and tell me different.

That's from camoshroomer's brother down in Georgia. That should get you to dig out the mushroom hunting stick and dust off those boots. And if the Georgia video isn't good enough.

Here is a photo from Camoshroomer himself, who had to go walking around his hunting grounds in Mid-MO.

All I can say is that I am usually finding small grays about 2.5 to 3 weeks after camoshroomer sees his first Reds (false morels -Gyromitra caroliniana ). Interesting cartoon coincidence. Camo, I think you deserve that 8 "eight-hour nap! Heh!"

And before you ask me about eating false morels, read this post from a few years ago:

The Debate over Reds - To Eat or Not to Eat.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stan --

Let me know when you & Jon hit plan on hitting the bottoms again.

Feral Boy

Charade said...

Can't wait to start looking - do people find them in mid-Gasconade County?

mrogers07 said...

I'd love to get in on that action Feral Boy mentioned, Stan...hit me up!

Amber Cupp said...

found one of these yesterday in Mexico, MO. Wish I had taken a pic.