Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Training the eyes...

I thought I would post a few photos I took from past hunts to help everyone get those eyes warmed up and ready to go.

First, here is a photo of a common false morel. This is what many are referring to when they say they found "reds." These are Gyromitra Carolinana . These contain toxins found in rocket fuel and though many people eat them and there are no known poisonings from them, I do not eat them nor recommend eating them. They can get quite massive and I have found ones that easily weighed a pound by themselves. They usually show up a week or two before regular morels and continue to fruit during the season.

A loner late in the season right next to a farm road

A nice yellow

A nice cluster of all sizes

A small loner?

This one had a liking for things from further north.

another shot of a morel growing next to an old Clearly Canadian bottle

A perfect triangle

A nice cluster found the morning after the first night of the late hard freeze that hit in the middle of the 2007 season. These were frozen solid and went soggy and limp when thawed, but they fried up just fine.

A majestic white

A beautiful sight

And this is what you really want to see...

These are so big the stems could no longer support them and they fell over

I found these 8 morels late in the 2005 season. They weighed in just over one and a half pounds.

A big haul from a day in 2006

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Kelly in Kansas said...

Thanks - I'm still learning how to find morels.