Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get Them While They're Hot and Before They're Not

Sorry no post for a few days, but when I haven't been working, I have been trying to spend all the time I can in the woods picking before it is too late.

They are getting a lot bigger as you can see from the photos below. And in my southern spots the heat is not only making them big (where they begin to fall over and rot) but it is also drying a lot of them out. Also, the finds are dwindling. Camoshroomer and I only pulled about 150 total between us on Sunday. Meaning many people are picking and no new ones are showing up.

I was hoping my northern spots which seemed to flush a little later and were much smaller would be slower to ripen. When I went out and checked a spot yesterday that I hadn't walked in a week, they were much bigger (2 to 4 inches) and unfortunately about 1/4 of them were either dried up or showing signs of being on their way. Despite the depressing signs, I did manage to find 40 in under an hour, which I thought was good since I wasn't even planning on hunting that day, but managed to stop at a spot on the way back from a trip for work.

I fear that my lowland spots have stopped producing due to the lack of rain and the heat will not only help finish off the ones that are up but has brought ground temps too high so that no more flushes will occur. In a couple more days I could easily see going out and finding more bad ones than good and there is nothing more depressing than stumbling across a fine patch of rotten morels. At least you can take solace in the fact that it most certainly spored out so you can check it next year.

Now keep in mind that I am not saying that this is the case for Missouri or even my entire area. This is for the lowlands. I heard of reports in the last few days of finds of fresh grays in the hills, Hopefully, if we get some rain and cooler temps by the weekend, the hills, bluffs and other hardwood areas will come on strong.

Time to carry a bigger ruler.

How many? Look close, I didn't see the little guy until I cut them off.


mikey said...

Nice Big Yellows The Greys should be starting anytime in north missouri I think we might get some rain tomorrow and nice again friday but I am worried about the lows this weekend It really does need to cool alittle though getting hot too fast I havent found anything yet but I am quite a ways north I heard somebody around trenton found some so a couple more days for me Do you think the lows of 33 on sat will hurt production up this way or maybe its a good thing because they havent showed their faces yet? Some of those big yellow ones you have to watch out for they can trip ya Lol Good Luck Its very soon

South City Girl said...

Saint Louis is expecting rain on Friday, so I'm hoping this weekend will be fruitful. Too bad my day off is tomorrow...