Thursday, April 08, 2010

Success - A Perfect Day in the Woods

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and since I am beat from a day in the woods, here are a few thousand words for tonight.

Getting much longer in the pits.

Some larger than usual grays.

A nice cluster of 5

This was one of the biggest at about 5 inches.

This was a real pain in the butt money tree. It had 19 around it amidst razor sharp blackberry brambles.

Total haul for me 180. The smaller pile was when I was by myself in the morning and the larger pile was when I was joined by camoshroomer in the afternoon (his pile is not shown, but I know he got at least 60). It was a beautiful day in the woods.

Just to see I wore a pedometer while I was hunting and according to it I took 18, 262 steps. So that works out to be about a mushroom every hundred steps and it is only April 8.


mikey said...

Thats a wonderful find Great job! After seeing those Im ready to go Im a ways north of ya so I will probably not go out until first of the week but I should start finding some small greys up here Had alittle frost on the ground this morning but I dont think it will slow us down too much I have an uncle in northeast oklahoma thats really finding them and we are usually a week and a half behind him so it wont be long Thanks for the pics and posts Happy Hunting

Chris said...

Where those in bottoms or on south facing slopes. Sorry i just cant find them this year and thats never happend to me

Rafe said...

I was in the Hartsburg area(4/7/10) high above the Missouri river on the west and south facing slopes. May-apples and other succulants are up, but is the ground/soil temps too cool for Columbia area? Should I be looking by the river bottoms?
Any advice is well appreciated.
Having fun anyways, and good luck to all.

Karli-Rae said...

Send some north why don't you? ;-) Seriously though, it's frustrating as crap that they are finding them in Iowa right now, but not here. I'm somewhat inclined to make my way down to Columbia this weekend and try my luck.

Anonymous said...

No luck in Kansas City this morning. I looked around my parents' land (in Eastern Jackson County) for about an hour but didn't find a thing.

Rafe said...


Success, I found two greys and "down by the river" (I don't have a van...LOL) I managed to find some huge yellows off the MKT road on the west slopes growing out of the mass of dead leaves.
All weighed in at 12 ounces...they were good!

What a beautiful weekend!! Turkey hunting and morels, it don't get any better...good luck to all who read this.

Rafe said...

Karla, I know a man who found some in Columbia so they are starting to pop out...
How do I download pics on these message boards? Very surpirsed on how big these yellow morels got. I can send you them thru email...I'll try that.