Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hot Hunting Hurrah

Found a few more today in the hot dry wind wondering where the heck spring went. Did we even get a full two weeks of spring this year? At several points I thought it was June and I should be looking for trumpets. If this heat keeps up the trumpets and chants might show up in early May, but I digress...

Several were nice, fat and leaning over like these tasty twins. About 15 percent were showing signs of age or drying out. I also found 4 morels that I didn't even bring home because when I picked them they were already starting to rot and had that unwelcomed sight of white mold inside. I crumbled these up and scattered their remains in hopes they will help seed next year's stock. No beer can sized ones yet and unless we get some rain on Friday, I fear there may not be many this year. Jon did find one that was easily 3/4 of a can so there is still hope

All in all I came up with 102 total when I got home, a handful of which went immediately into the drying rack because they were over half dried already. Here were the rest.

Not sure what Camoshroomer and Jon picked exactly. Most morels hunters don't count their money at the table, if you get my drift. I'd bet we pulled 200 to 225 in about 4 1/2 miles and 4 hours of walking and looking. In spite of the heat, it was still a good trip.

If anyone is starting to hit the hills and have success, please let me know. If the hills don't come alive soon it may be time to head north.


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

wow oh wowie wow wow.

Michael said...

All the ones I found yesterday were nice-sized and starting to lean. None were starting to rot, though, but many were showing signs of drying. I only found a couple that looked pretty fresh, so yeah, I gotta wonder if summer is here already.