Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Mushroom Class and Foray

I know it has been a while since my last post, but it has been a while since the ground around Mid-MO wasn't rock hard from the lack of rain and the heat. It looks like that is starting to change and with the recent rain and cooler weather with nice dewey mornings, there is a good chance that the mushrooms will make one final appearance before winter sets in.

And with fall comes a lot of fungal fun including some of the best edibles, like the hen of the woods (grifola frondosa) and chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphereus). So in hopes of finding a few edibles along with learning more about identifying other mushrooms, the newly formed Mid-MO chapter of the Missouri Mycological Society is holding their first foray out at Rock Bridge State Park.

If you need a little inspiration to attend then visit this post from a few years ago about picking 50 pounds in one day. That big one in the photo the size of my backpack was in Rock Bridge. That was taken only 10 days later than the upcoming foray, and with the cool weather, I expect quite a few hens will be flocking about the days of the hunt.

And even if the weather does not cooperate, Brad Bomanz from MOMS will be giving a workshop on identifying common edible mushrooms in MO on Saturday morning, followed by a pot luck lunch in which I promise to bring my own version of the Hearty Hen Soup recipe Maxine listed in her MO Wild Mushrooms book.

Here are the details.
Saturday, October 8 & Sunday, October 9
Mushroom/Fungi Fall Foray
Hosted by Mid-Missouri Chapter of The Missouri Mycological Society
Where: Rockbridge Mills Shelter and the special use camping area in the Gans Creek Wild Area
of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
For More Info Contact: Stan Hudson:

What to Bring:
• Basket for collecting
• Knife
• Small roll aluminum foil to protect delicate specimen
• Appropriate clothes for the weather
• A dish to share for the pot luck lunch on Saturday
• Water and snacks
• Sunscreen & bug spray

Activities Include:
Speaker MoMS member Brad Bomanz Saturday at 10 am (ROCKBRIDGE MILLS SHELTER)
• Potluck lunch at noon (ROCKBRIDGE MILLS SHELTER)
• Foray for mushrooms in the park 1 pm Saturday and 10 am Sunday (SPECIAL USE CAMP)
• Identification tips from seasoned veterans Located at the Special Use Area of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Directions to the special use camp can be found on the MOMS website.

I hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Rockin! See you there. - Jim Low

Anonymous said...

Foray was a GREAT time. Your Columbia cooks are just as good as our St. Louis MOMS kitchen contingent. "Chicken" salad and hen soup, and everything else, was EXCELLENT. Well, I didn't really go for the gumbo, I'm just not an okra fan. Found 35 species or so, and I even found a hen hidden INSIDE a fallen hollow tree. We seeing any of you at The Hawnting?

-- Feral Boy