Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Maitake on the Way

I went back out and met back up with Calvin and then we ran into Mr. Rogers out hiking about before we came upon this tree. I had picked it a few years ago and Mr Rogers picked it last year. It looks like the early trees are just starting.

Plenty of known suspects showing no signs, but these trees usually don't show hens until October.
Looks like it could be a good fall. We just need a little more rain sometime this week.

Here are some photos of some babies that we left behind to grow. I'm hoping to pick them next week if they don't get too dry. I'm thinking the heavy morning dew will keep them going and get a few more started.


Anonymous said...

Found a nice one south of St. Louis Sunday, after we got back from Rockbridge Foray -- which was a whole lot of fun! Hen I found was about 5 pounds, no rain here but looks like it's time to look anyhow.

Feral Boy

Mack Shepperson said...

What happened when you checked them out again? The dew must've helped a lot in making them grow! How are they?