Sunday, April 20, 2008

500 plus and Counting

I did real good over the weekend. Finding 182 on Saturday and Sunday. Found exactly 100 yesterday in two different areas. I got up early and hit a prime area and picked the last bit of unwalked terrain clean before running into large gropups of hunters coming from in front of me and behind me. So I met up with some hunting buddies from K.C and hit another spot, pulling in about 70 between us. They have been showing up big since the rain on Friday. Most are 2-3 inchers with a few 4 or 5" nice ones here and there. Getting a lot easier to spot that's for sure.

Thinking it was on I finally was able to get up to one of my more northern areas for the first time today. I walked through one of my good areas only to find small yellows and grays. I soon knew why when I found a tramped down circle and plenty of boot prints around a prime spot. I did find five they missed but I was disappointed and kept moving through. I picked another 15 or 20 ones that were overlooked and was thinking it would be a slow day.

I soon crossed into a different zone that I normally walk through to get to other areas. But as I ducked under a branch a sight to behold came into view. About 20 morels around one tree. Here is a shot of the largest a nice fat five incher.

I picked everything around this patch and just kept walking. I soon started to see these nice 3-4 inch whites poking out here...

and there.

Before I knew it, I had a nice sackful. On my way back to the car, I walked back through that area but about 200 feet away and found a cottonwood tree with some very nice clusters like this.
It added another 15 to my sack and really topped off a fine day. It seems like they are big in the early locals and just starting to really flush elsewhere. The morels are not as prolific in my usual honey holes. They are producing but only moderately. I am finding my mother lode scores in completely new places, sometimes merely wandering fast but keeping an eye out as I go and stumbling across them. Remember when you find one, look for others, there are bound to be more.

So, if you are seeing reports of morel finds in your area and you are not having any luck in your usual spots start strolling and in other places nearby that haven't produced in a while. Perhaps luck will send you down the right path.


CamoShroomer said...

Most everyone I saw in the woods had a nice sack of both pictured.
Sat. & Sun. total was 265.

ahistory said...

Keep it up. Good to hear. I think this is going to be a season to remember.