Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time to hit the woods

First off reports are going to be shorter these next few weeks. I have a lot going on and will be spending most of the rest of the time that I can out hunting. I am taking pictures but just don't have time to post them. Will try to do so this weekend if I get a chance.

I thought things were still early based on what I saw in St. Louis the other day but after returning home and checking out a few spots this afternoon. I am ready to say it is on in Mid-MO. I was finding mainly 2-3 inchers today with a few up to 4 inches and nice and fat. Came out with 75 nice ones coming in at about two pounds. nice to see some weight in the bag. I'd bet the little greys will show up in the hills after these warm days/nights and the oncoming rain. This weekend should be prime.

I didn't use my camera today because the hunt was being documented in a different manner. But here are some photos from over the weekend.

A nice little cluster with my walking stick (which my son marked with green crayon which obviously is good luck).

This photo shows you why you should always very carefully cut all the morels you harvest. If you look very closely at the stem of the larger one you can see a teeny tiny morel just staring out. Pulling or pinching would damage these little guys and you couldn't come back and get them later.

Some people call this a gray but it is really a young yellow morel. Contrary to what some hunters claim, morels do grow. If left alone and conditions stay cool and damp this guy could easily become beer can size in a few weeks.

This one would often be called a white but it really a yellow too.

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