Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Balancing Work and Morels

Not much time to post tonight and I know I still have some photos coming from last week, but all in good time. After all IT IS MOREL SEASON. Hunt, and eat and sleep so you can hunt are the main focus, oh yeah and then there is this thing called work that even when you have understanding bosses, you still have to make sure you get your job done. I make a quick mention of this balancing act, while I shot a hunting video today

I walked up on this find with 20 minutes left on a conference call that I was bluetoothing in on my mobile phone (on mute of course so they didn't hear me yell when I found these beauties in an overlooked spot). I really wanted to video it but I was on my phone which I use to take the videos so I sat there looking at these for that 20 minutes. Needless to say it was very distracting looking at some of the larger ones. Two of them by themselves weighed in at half a pound. I wanted to pick them and keep walking looking for more trees, but I was patient.


Anonymous said...

where are you hunting? Not as in gps coordinates, but an overall general area. I think of mid-missouri as stretching from rolla to mobery. Are you closer to one of those extremes, or somewhere in the middle.

I went out for about two hours yesterday after work and found 5 - 3 yellows and 2 grays. I was hunting the Missouri River bottoms near Columbia.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this site - it looks great. I am heading back out in an hour - hopefully I will find more then I did yesterday...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi! I am a morel enthusiast. I have found a few this year, but not near as many as you! I live in S. W. MO. Thanks for your blog! Twyla

ahistory said...

Sounds like I was hunting the same area as you. Did you see a Jeep Rubicon?

Some bottoms are very spotty and others are only OK this year. All of them have been hit hard after last weekend. So, you have to walk quite a ways and find places no one has been to yet or you pick very few. They are about over unless the rain brings on another flush. Probably time to move to the hills regardless.

Bradford said...

That big one sure is a biggun! We found 10 yesterday in the same area as the anon posted said.

Going out again today after work to see if anything flushed out since it rained last night.

Bring on the rains!!

Anonymous said...

I am a novice. Just started last year late. found some yellows along the creek by my house. I have only walked the creeks looking. I hunted pretty hard today and found nothing. when you say it is time to head to the hills, what types of things should I be looking for as far as what hills to hunt on? what are some signs, tips, etc.? much appreciated.