Saturday, April 23, 2011

Morel Hunting and Cooking Presentation

Man that respiratory bug going around hit me hard and took me out for the last three days. It probably wouldn't have been that bad but for some reason in morel season, I never quite get the sleep that I should.

Anyway, while I rest up, I thought I would mention that I got roped into doing a talk for the Friends of Rock Bridge State Park on Monday about hunting and cooking morels. Which means I will need to get better so I can go out on Sunday and find a few morels to cook up for the group. If anyone is in the area and has a few extra to spare, please feel free to stop by and bring them. I have some already but no telling how many people will show up and I would like to give everyone a taste.

Even if you don't have any morels, if you are around Columbia Monday evening please feel free to stop by. Here are the details:

Morel Madness - Monday April 25, 2011 - 6:30 pm, Gilbert Shelter, Rock Bridge Memorial State Park (rain venue - Park Office Building)

Oh and I did manage to spy a tree on my way home from the doctor today that I just could not pass up. Glad I stopped.

The morel goddess was smiling down on me and I picked 40+ in just under 5 minutes. It's just too hard to keep a true hunter down.

The tree was only 75 feet from the road but after 5 minutes I was already breaking out in a cold sweat from my cold so I headed back to the car. I am sure I left a few behind that I will have to pick next time I drive by.


Mycologista said...

"Roped in"? Jeez.
I'm off to somebody's private land for a hunt today! Should be gorgeous no matter what we find.
I bet there's going to be a WHOLE LOT of people at your talk tonight...everybody's figuring out that mushrooms are the coolest thing EVER.

Bradford said...

I've had Snake fever for the last few days. My friend and I saw 2 water moccasins around the forest last week. I freaked out cause I'm deathly afraid of them. I do need to go out though since it's been so nice lately.

What are your suggestions for avoiding snakes and the like?

Happy hunting!

bellmancomputers said...

I don't know which tress are best to look under. and I am lousy at identifying them. Could you take a bunch of pics of the "right" kind of trees without giving away your favorite hunting places?

Susan said...

To Bradford: what part of the state are you in? And what was the habitat where you saw the snakes? Were you next to a river or a spring fed creek, or just in the forest? I'm asking because black rat snakes (very common and harmless) are very frequently confused for the venemous water moccosin or cottonmouth (much less common).

cs said...

How many you need?