Monday, April 18, 2011

Missouri Morel Videos

Sorry no recent posts in the last few days. It is the middle of the season and if I am not picking morels then I am busy doing everything else I neglect during daylight to hunt them.
So in the meantime, here are a few videos from Saturday and Sunday to tide you over until I can find the time to do a real post.

The first one comes from a hunt down with Linncreeker on his farm which I was lucky enough to sneak in after I had some business at the Lake Saturday morning. We picked what he called "a few" (i think it was around 50) under a nice dead elm.

LC is the narrator and took the first video because I had left my phone back at the ranch. Luckily we just rode back on the 4 wheeler and got it, before we checked the next spot. Oh the spoils of farming morels on your own ranch. He even grows them in the grass for easy picking. That is LC out in one of his "fields" in the photo. If you look close you will see a nice yellow morel growing in the grass at his feet.

Once I got my phone back I managed to take one short video. It might stir up some debate, so I won't say anything and let you be the judge. Morels and Mayapples?

And last but not least, or maybe so in the morel family, I came across a mess of these (we picked over 30) in a stand of green ash while hunting with good friends who drove down from K.C. In all my years of hunting that area (about 7), I had never found half frees there. A very unusual find for me indeed, but a nice treat to have something just a bit different to mix in (they aren't quite as good as morels but still tasty).


Mycologista said...

How far away from trees are you in that first photo??? Are you actually on the edge of the woods are you really in the middle of a field? I'm asking from a mycorrhizal perspective...

Anonymous said...

I answered that one for you buddy! Thanks for sprucing it up, but it's just a tiny little spot of moo-rel heaven. We have got to do some hunts again. I had a blast and most of the spots we visited are still producing. Thanks again for being a good sport on my "catch and release" program. ;) I know it was hard to be such a good sport!

Curtis Tmann said...

I have watched your blog for a couple years now. You always have great photos and even better information. I used to live in Columbia but last year I moved to Maryville MO which is way up in the northwest corner of the state. I only found one morel last year but heard of people finding big bunches. We have sparse woods especially lacking deep forests which I suspected would be tough to mushroom hunt as its so different than the hardwood forests I am used to hunting in central MO. Wondering if you know any tactics for the old "prairie" lands where the woods is sparse and few?