Thursday, April 07, 2011

Missouri Morel Hunting Video

Too tired to write much tonight. Found 300+ in two areas. A few from a northern spot, they were nice and fresh, so I figured I would let the rest of the young ones be and head to a more southern spot.

After a quick 30 minute car ride, I was back in the woods and it didn't take long before the bag started filling up. I'll let this video tell the rest of the story. (Pardon the shaky camera work, this is the first time I have tried doing a shroom hunting video with my camera).

More photos and details to come. Must sleep. Lots of hunting to do this weekend. Hope to see you in the woods.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that does it !

If this doesn't shake your mycellium and get you off the couch, nothing will.


Anonymous said...

Must sleep I agree! I'm beat! It was great to see you guys today. Add my 88 to the totals. All but a few I picked on the run were from two trees. Sweet!!!!