Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost here - the northern march continues

This photo comes from Tim Johnson down in Laclede County. He came across seven little greys all found around an old apple tree. That puts them on the southern edge of Mid-MO and means I'll be out hitting my spots by the end of the week.

Not for picking mind you. The ones that should be up will still be pretty small like the ones in the photo. But I need to get a good picture or two and see how things are looking so I can decide where and when to check different areas. The best hunting usually isn't until the second or third week of April. That is when the greys grow big enough to become whites and yellows and are worth eating. Though if you ask me, and to quote a fellow hunted from Indiana, "greys are the best." So, I'll be sure to pick a few of them while they are small.

All this recent rain, if your best grounds aren't under water, will only be good for the harvest to come. I am hoping for another long, cool, wet season like last year.

Keep those reports coming and know that any I receive the next few days will be absolute torture for me, since I am stuck in Wisconsin through Wednesday. I am going to have to be careful when I drive back to Missouri. I already got one speeding ticket a few years ago when I was driving to hunt and I don't want another.


Anonymous said...

I see a red dot on St. Louis. Someone has an earlier producing spot than mine. They are not here, not in my spots. I checked today. The woods are ripe for them, for sure. This year looks like it might shape up to be as good as last year. As always, thanks for your posts--they are encouraging. --STLmorelschants&hens

Tim Johnson said...

No speeding tickets but definitely reckless driving. Ive caught my self migrating to the older parts of my town looking at the base of older trees and in the yards while driving. There must be a condition called morel fever.