Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sick of snow...head south

Sorry folks, been busy working so I wasn't able to post any reports of recent MO finds the past few days. I checked them this morning and the morels are slowly marching north. The general rule is that they move about 100 miles north a week, or at least that's what some say. It's all in the weather.

Speaking of which we have some nasty stuff headed our way. I was hoping it would hit my area this morning so I could go check a very early spot and see if any were peaking out from the snow. I have always loved those shots. There is something about the way the morel stands out against the whiteness that I find appealing. If anyone happens to get some good snow morel shots, please send they my way.

For those of you still contemplating trips further south to satisfy that growing hunger, I knew this picture would come sooner or later. Some of us just can't wait. I'd admit, if I weren't so swamped with work, I'd probably have tried to talk him into taking me with him.

Here is Missouri's very own Camoshroomer who wasn't able to hit the Goergia woods until after 4 on Friday, but still managed to hunt up 150 before dark. I can only imagine how many he has found today. That picture makes my stomach rumble, so I guess it is off to the freezer to eat one of the few remaining frozen batches I have from last season.

Frying pan photos soon to come...


Chase Davis said...

For some reason your progress map never loads for me. I haven't started looking yet, as soon as it gets warm I'll be in the woods and will let you know what I find

ahistory said...

Hmm, thanks for letting me know. Maybe if I use a different graphic format.
I'm in WI, but I'll try replacing it as soon as I can.

Frog said...

It Just snowed here in Michigan, EVEN THOUGH LAST WEEK IT WAS 70, seems we'll never find a reliable climate, anyway I enjoyed your post!!

ahistory said...

yeah, we don't get as many opportunities for snow morel shots like you guys do. I am in WI now and they are supposed to get more snow on Thursday. Glad I'm heading home to warmer weather and potential picking.
I don't envy you Michiganers now, but come May when you are finding bags and they are long gone from my neck of the woods, well then I long to be a Wolverine.