Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Southern Morels

Just in case that little red dot didn't get your morel blood a flwoin', check out these photos sent to me by camoshroomer. To answer your first question, no, they are not from Missouri, so don't rush out to your truck and hightail it over to your honey hole. These lovely photos were sent from his brother, who ignored advice from his fellow southerners who told him morels didn't grow in Georgia and got out there and found out the truth for himself. Very nice finds for his first hunt ever in that southern state.

So, if you just can't wait a few more weeks, you may be surprised, flights are pretty cheap these days. Compared to last year, the cost of your average weekend hunting with $3 a gallon gas may have been more expensive. Anyway, if you do head down to the peach state keep an eye out for camoshroomer. I have a feeling he might be visiting his brother real soon, if he isn't there already. Be sure to say hello for me if you run into him.

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Anonymous said...

I like the red dot! I let you know when you can put one on St Louis, if someone else doesn't first. I've been hitting my honey holes frequently, even though I know it's too early--there's nothing there. My wife's folks live near Atlanta, so I've been thinking about it, believe me. --STLmorelschants&hens