Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A day in GA - hopefully what's to come

Talk about being green with envy, check out this tortuous photo sent to me by camoshroomer from a morning hunt. Just a little shy of 500 nice yellows, greys, and blondes. Said he found about the same later that day. See what a short trip to GA can do for you. And the good thing about morels is that they are very easy to transport on any airplane. They travel quite nicely once they are battered, fried, and eaten.

Oops sorry, I got it wrong, as CamoShroomer pointed out in his comment the second photo is what they found that afternoon. Now that's what I'm talking about.

My morel fever is about 102 degrees so I'll probably be in the woods first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll see you there [in the parking lot, not in m honey holes]. : )


Beau said...

That's an amazing collection of morels! Just maybe I'll get out enough to find half of that this year. Your pictures and descriptions are great. :)

Woody said...


CamoShroomer said...

FYI, Top pic is morning harvest, bottom is the afternoon harvest only

Anonymous said...

I agree--WOW! Hey, CamoShroomer, based on the MorelHunting Website and the fact that my wife's family lives in Douglasville, an Atlanta suburb, I've reseached Georgia morels a little, and (just wondering) ever heard of High Falls State Park? I'm gonna hit that place some early spring --unless you'd like to point me in another profitable direction. --Love that dollar bill for scale, by the way.--Thanks for sharing your success. --STLmorelschants&hens