Thursday, April 02, 2009

They're here...if you know right where to look

Here are a few images from today's hunt. I checked several spots in three completely different areas, one of which is 15 miles north of the other. I found at least a couple in each area, but in one spot I hit a nice motherlode tree and picked a little over 30 to bring home for the first meal of spring. The first two photos were taken by my buddy Jon before the rain chased his nice digital camera and photographic eye back home.

The first morel I found in 2009.

This will give you some scale of the ones I left behind.

A nice loner I lucked upon. About three inches and probably the tallest of the day. It's still pretty early yet.

Here is nice set of triplets just coming up.

Around the main tree they were popping right out of the dirt, with no cover at all.

Here is shot off one side from the motherlode tree. There were at least 40 to 50 within 15 feet of it. I left more behind than I picked. Boy it sure is hard waiting for the others to get bigger. By the way, there are 15 morels in this picture. Look close to train your eyes for the weeks to come.


Chase Davis said...

I found a small one about the size of a penny in a usual spot under an ash tree a couple miles east of Seymour, Missouri in Webster County.

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures. We are looking forward to a nice long season for central MO morels!

I enjoy the reports. Keep up the good work. :D

- Sedalia, MO

Anonymous said...

I have found around 30 so far here in Cape Girardeau. All have been in unwooded areas.

ahistory said...

Unwooded areas you say? Cool, I don't find them often in the open. Were they just in a field? Was there a tree nearby perchance? You have sparked my curiosity.

Anonymous said...

One spot is in my back yard. 10 yards from a wooded area, 50 yards from a creek. A fairly common style back yard with 2 maple trees.

The other is in the unwooded area infront of a trail. Not a one was found in the wooded area of the trail, just the entrance with a fountain.