Friday, April 03, 2009

Some more(l) photos

Here are a few shots from today's hunt. Only had a few hours and didn't hit the motherlode but still found some respectable specimens.

The first loner of the day, sitting all by himself next to a small cottonwood.

It was a day for loners. Probably because most were still too small to see.

Like this little guy I found hiding under the leaves.

Another beauty. They are getting bigger and fattening up nicely.

This one was about 1 1/2 times bigger than a golf ball. Happy hunting.


Anonymous said...

So I'm curious, how long do morels take to grow? Say from first emergence to three inches?

Anonymous said...

OK, Just to let you know. Found two small (slightly bigger than a dime) greys popping out of the mud on a south facing bank of a ditch yesterday, 4/3/09, in St. Louis County. Your pictures look great! What effect do you think the cold snap will have? Happy hunting, STLmorelschants&hens

Anonymous said...

When hiking in the woods, I found a huge growth that caught my eye because it looked just like the morels I have seen. But it was so large that it didn't fit the sizes I've seen. I there somewhere I can send the pics of it so I can find out if it is OK to eat?

ahistory said...

Sure, you can send it to me and if its a morel I'll let you know. My email is