Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The early bird gets the morels

Normally this photo would be of the morels I found yesterday, but since my work required me to be in Wisconsin on April 1, I was beaten to the punch and the first photos of Mid-MO morels has to come from a fellow hunter, who like many hunters I know, wishes to remain anonymous.

I would love to be more precise and tell you exactly where they were found but we all know that ain't going to happen. I can say that they were found around one of the morels favorite trees, an elm. So for those of you out there in the woods not finding a thing, keep and eye out for the right trees. They vary by area, but if you do you research and read through past posts and reports you can easily figure out which ones to look for.

But clearly it is on. Time to hit the woods for those tasty greys. If I find a nice small one, I may even try and set up a photo experiment to see if I can document the growth. I can barely go to bed thinking of finding morels in the morning. If only I had a portable blacklight....

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morelchef2 said...

i posted on morels .com on 3-31-09 that you would be reporting a find this week. I was down on the big muddy yesterday and things were looking close, felt i would deff be finding them by next week...however i find them within days of your first post over my way, so i will hit it saturday mornin early. looks like its gonna be a good year, erverything is coming together quite nicley, even looks like it will peak for my vacation!!!