Saturday, April 11, 2009

Its starting to get good

Sorry, no post yesterday, I was too busy hunting and then taking care of stuff I have been neglecting around the house. Was a good day too, wish I could have spent all of it in the woods, but that's the breaks.

I started out in a southern spot hoping to find bigger ones than I did on Thursday. Speaking of Thursday, me and two other buddies went out and found between 200-250 that day. They were all small to medium greys, which is why I decided on Friday to hunt further south.

I was in a new area I had never hunted before and I forgot my compass so I could not go far. I hunted for about an hour but found only a handful of, once again, small to medium greys. I couldn't wander too far into the woods for fear of getting lost, so I stayed close to where I parked. Either they still weren't that big or I was hunting an area that had already been walked (probably more likely) and was finding the stragglers that were missed. Regardless, since I was expecting them to be a little bigger, I was disappointed and decided to move to another area I knew a lot better and where I also knew they were much bigger. It was about another 20 miles south just to give you an idea.

Boy am I glad I did. I hadn't been hunting for five minutes when I found one mushroom that weighed more than all of the ones I found at the other spot put together. I knew it was on. I called camoshroomer since I was in his neck of the woods and he soon joined me. With my two hour head start on him I ended up with 98 by the end of the day (counting mushrooms from both areas). He didn't say but he had a nice bag and I would guess he came out with at least 40-50. Here are a few photos.

This one wasn't the biggest in actual size but it was the heaviest. As you can tell from the photo the cap is so heavy it is beginning to fall over.

This one was the biggest. It was growing in a curver manner so this picture doesn't quite do it justice, since you can't see about an inch, but it will give you an idea of how big they are getting in the southern part of Central MO.

Most of the ones I found yesterday were just like this pristine white/yellow. Very fresh and between 3-4 inches long. It is nice to finally be into the bigger ones that really put some weight in you bag. If you head south, be sure to take a long a few extra bags in your pocket or backpack, you just might need them. Happy hunting and please keep those reports coming.

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